Martideba is an established business of Spanish origin that specialises in exclusive natural stone architectural projects, working with clients from across the globe.

It is our enduring passion to achieve the highest standards of work, our commitment to our customers, and our versatility in the use of contemporary materials, such as natural stone; which has elevated us and increased our international presence. Such is the demand for our products; we work with clients in countries such as Russia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Cambodia, Morocco, Qatar and more.

We strive for the ultimate level of excellence in every project we engage in and put our name to. Utilising materials of the utmost quality, we create designs which are purposefully crafted to suit the individual needs of each of our customers, applying the most innovative technology throughout the entire process.

Many well-known and acclaimed architects, designers and decorators have already trusted us.

Our history of success supports our future business.

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Thassos White Fireplace

Fireplace marble Thassos White hand carved

  Fireplace produced with dolomite marble Thassos White and hand carved. The used material is first quality with a very fine grain. This marble is very desired due to its purity and natural beauty. Is very durable material and historic because many sculptures of the Ancient Greece were executed with Thassos White.

Assembled fireplace

Classic Travertine handcarved fireplace

Assembled fireplace Side view Front view Details Checked fireplace Handcarved fireplace produced in the stone classic travertine with closed pore in his tone to give more personallity. Carved by the most expericed artisans in the world, every piece has been checked before being carefully packed to send it to the customer. As you could appreciate,…