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  • Stand Dubai

    INDEX DUBAI 2017

    Stand Dubai Index 2017 Marti & Deba took part in 2017 in the Index Dubai exhibition where we exhitibed all kind of works we can do. We are showing here the installation stand proccess and the final result.
  • Angel Martínez y Sonia Antón revisando la producción


    Project in Comblanchien limestone Production checking by Mr. Angel Martinez and Mrs. Sonia Anton before packing and loading Facade project made in french Comblanchien limestone. The Comblanchien limestone is a sedimentary stone and its constitution was made in the last 150 million years. At certain moment of the sedimentary proccess it appeared small shells that…
  • Render del proyecto


    Project private villa in Russia. Interiors Project produced for a private villa in Russia. Most of the work is done with the waterjet technology. We produced as well all the mouldings and decorative skirting in themain stairway. Kitchen and bathroom vanity tops were done in marble as well.

    Pure White alabaster blocks available Very coveted for decoration projects. Request more information here
  • Luxury fireplace with marble crema marfil and golden leaf

    Luxury fireplace. Crema Marfil marble and golden leaf decoration

    This time you can check all the proccess from the design till the end of a fireplace for a luxury villa. From its design till the final delivery we cared about every single detail. The material is marble crema marfil polished. The carving in a very high quality was left raw to adhere the golden…

  • Carved Fireplace in marble Crema Marfil

    Classic style fireplace produced in marble crema marfil. As you can appreciate, the material is first quality, selecting the best parts of the block. Soft and elegant finishing with perfect lines. In the image you can see the fireplace check before packing and sending to the customer.

  • Chimenea Blanco Thassos

    Hand carved fireplace made in marble Thassos White

    New fireplace produce in white thassos marble, carved by the most experienced artisans. Spectacular material quality and unique finishing. Designed by our specialists and custom produced as per required sizes. Do you need to quote your design? click here.


  • Thassos White Fireplace

    Fireplace marble Thassos White hand carved

      Fireplace produced with dolomite marble Thassos White and hand carved. The used material is first quality with a very fine grain. This marble is very desired due to its purity and natural beauty. Is very durable material and historic because many sculptures of the Ancient Greece were executed with Thassos White.

  • Classic Travertine handcarved fireplace

    Assembled fireplace Side view Front view Details Checked fireplace Handcarved fireplace produced in the stone classic travertine with closed pore in his tone to give more personallity. Carved by the most expericed artisans in the world, every piece has been checked before being carefully packed to send it to the customer. As you could appreciate,…
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