Production checking by Mr. Angel Martinez and Mrs. Sonia Anton before packing and loading

Facade project made in french Comblanchien limestone.

The Comblanchien limestone is a sedimentary stone and its constitution was made in the last 150 million years. At certain moment of the sedimentary proccess it appeared small shells that were petrified. This made that the blocks parts have more or less shells

Comblancien limestone is divided in 3 types. Beige slabs without shells named Comblanchien Claire, beige slabs with some shells called Comblanchien LM and slabs with a lot of shells called Comblanchien M

Most of the blocks contain 2 of the 3 types above expained but in different porportions. Is possible to choose the slabs and finished products by type or trying to buy a mix of them.

Comblanchien has a light beige colour and some times a pinky background. This limestone is cut with gang saw, is a very strong limestone. Normal sizes are 200-250 cm x 125×135 cm. Is convenient for big projects till 11.000 m2 by selecting the stone or much more m2 if all the 3 types can be included and mix them.

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Réunion avec notre client Ouzbek.

Dernières retouches techniques du projet d’ameublement intérieur des installations de Corbera. Réunion avec tous nos collaborateurs qui fabriquent du mobilier sur mesure pour des projets